'Geometric Abstract' by Nils Bäcklin

'Geometric Abstract' by Nils Bäcklin

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artist: Nils Bäcklin (Swedish 1913-1989)

medium: gouache on paper

dimensions: 34 x 22 cm art size / 47 1/2 x 36 1/2 cm framed size (approx)
circa 1950s/60s

presented in its original frame

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artist biography
Nils Gustav Bäcklin was born April 9, 1913 in Stockholm. He was a Swedish artist.

Bäcklin studied under Isaac Grünewald and Edvin Ollers. Select early exhibitions included Falun and Luleå in 1944, Gävle in 1947, and Spånga and Sandviken 1949. He exhibited with Bertil Wahlberg in Sandviken in 1948 and together with his wife Hedy Bäcklin, Åke W Andersson and Gunnar Sundborg at Galerie Acté in Stockholm in 1949. He painted figure compositions and abstract works in oil, gouache or ink. Critic Emmy Melin wrote of his work in the 8/1/1949 issue of ‘Arbetaren’: ‘Nils Bäcklin experiments with compositions, where the colouristic balance is safer than the composition structure. In 'Composition' (no. 3) there is some of Lauren's mastodontic shape stylisation and ‘Liggande model’ (Lying Model) has some of Matisse's colour decorative surface effect. Bäcklin's main asset is still so far the soft and fondly vibrating colour.”

Bäcklin passed away in 1989.