'Still Life With Black Jug' by Rune Person
'Still Life With Black Jug' by Rune Person
'Still Life With Black Jug' by Rune Person
'Still Life With Black Jug' by Rune Person

'Still Life With Black Jug' by Rune Person

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artist: Rune Person (Swedish 1914-1990)

medium: oil on canvas laid on panel

dimensions:  37 x 32 cm framed size
circa 1950s/60s

presented in its original frame

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artist biography
Rune Person was born 14 March, 1914 in Sundbyberg. He was a Swedish artist.

He studied at Otte Skölds mälarskolan (Painting School) in Stockholm from 1930 to 1932 and at the Konsthögskolan (Academy of Fine Arts) in Stockholm 1934 to 1940 with Otte Sköld as a teacher. In 1937 he undertook a study trip to Paris in the company of renowned Swedish artist Isaac Grünewald.

Person made his exhibition debut in in 1942 and over the years had a long series of exhibitions, including shows at the at the Konsthögskolan (Academy of Fine Arts). A select listing of exhibitions including 1947 in Luleà together with Gerry Eckhardt and Leif Christerson, in Galerie Acté in Stockholm  with Ture Lidström and Sven Lundquist and in Östersund together with Gerry Eckhardt, Leif Christerson and Knut-Erik Lindberg, in 1950 in Galleri Brinken in Stockholm together with Uno Lindberg, 1955 at the Eskilstuna Art Museum alongside Björn Evensen, Martin Lindberg and Egon E:son Weinemo, 1956 at Galerie S:t Nikolaus in Stockholm and the same year in Boden. He exhibited in several of Sveriges allmänna konstförenings salonger (Sweden's general art association's salons) in Stockholm, Stockholmssalongerna at Liljevalch's art gallery 1959-60 and exhibitions organised by Sundbybergs konstförening.

Rune Person came to be nicknamed "Sundbyberg’s Cézanne" and his painting was characterised by an impressionistic closeness, with a distinct interest in light and a lyrical experience of colour and motifs. His painting that not only found appreciation among art audiences and reviewers but also fellow artists. A famous artist colleague Ragnar Sandberg also admired Rune Person's painting. Among the many artist friends, it was Ragnar Sandberg who was closest to Rune Person. In connection with Rune applying for a scholarship after pressure, Ragnar wrote to the scholarship committee “it is a pleasure for me to rate an outstanding painter and a man with high artistic morality my appreciation. For several years now, I have admired his painting, the colour sensitivity and the strong sense of nature that carries it ". Ragnar Sandberg's spontaneous praise and support came in the early sixties at a time when Rune felt hesitant about his task. It gave him strength to continue. The appreciation of painters like Sandberg meant more than that of the foremost critics, although they also spread their praise:

“In Galerie S:t Nicolaus we are once again reminded of Cézanne. French Impressionism has meant a great deal to his shimmering colour of sun-drenched leafy green in some landscapes.” (Gerd Reimers, Stockholms-Tidningen 14/2/1956 560214)

"In the best canvases there is a beautiful pale light and a finesse in the design, an intimate sensitivity that is moving without being flattering". (Ulf Linde, Dagens Nyheter  16/2/1956)

“He follows the changes of the seasons through his studio window. The language he uses is proven and can be traced back to certain paintings by Matisse. But there is an atmosphere in these images that is Person's own, a lightness with which he approaches his motifs that give everyday life a poetic tone. You become involved in a painting based on a vision that not only registers, but also experiences ". (Olle Granath, Dagens Nyheter 30/11/1973).

Person painted landscapes still life and figurative works in oil or watercolour.  Examples of his work are held in numerous museums including Eskilstuna, Nyköping, Hudiksvall, Östersund, Luleå, the Riksdagshuset in Stockholm, Landskrona and Solna as well as at the Swedish embassies in Brussels, Bonn, New York, Washington, Copenhagen, New Delhi and Morocco.

He passed away on July 15, 1990 in Delsbo.