'Abisko' by Bertil Linné
'Abisko' by Bertil Linné
'Abisko' by Bertil Linné
'Abisko' by Bertil Linné

'Abisko' by Bertil Linné

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artist: Bertil Linné (Swedish 1913-2000)

medium: oil on panel

dimensions: 35 x 27 cm panel size / 43 x 35 cm frame size (approx)
signed and dated -45
presented in its original frame

AU $440 (approx US $300 / 3285 EUROS / 40,500 yen / 250 GBP - for exact current conversion visit xe.com)

artist biography
Erik Johan Bertil Linné was born August 15, 1913 in Boden. He was a Swedish painter.

Linnaeus studied in Stockholm at the Tekniska skolan in Stockholm Technical School and the Högre konstindustriella skolan (Higher Art Industrial School) between 1932 and 1936, He was employed as an assistant to Einar Forseth 1936-1939 and then he continued his studies for Edvin Ollers and Otte Sköld in Stockholm. He repeatedly visited northern Norway and Lofoten, which was reflected in his art. He had solo exhibitions in several Swedish cities and he participated in numerous group exhibitions. Among his public works are decoration in several churches and libraries, a wall relief for the peace corps K4 in Arvidsjaur and a mural at the Fyra årstiderna Bodensskolan, a ceiling fresco for Sättna church in Västernorrland, an altarpiece for Mariakyrkan in Sävast parish and the painting of a pulpit in Tranemo church. He was awarded the Norrbotten County Council scholarship, the Swedish-Finnish cultural scholarship and the Olov Högberg plaque. Linné painted still lifes, figurative works, portraits and landscapes with motifs from the Norrbotten archipelago, the Swedish mountains, and Lofoten in Norway.

He was a member of the artist group Bodenskolan - a group of 14 artists in Boden who arranged exhibitions, courses and trips together in the 1950s and 1960s.T hey were a loose group of artists who socialised, learned from and were inspired by each other. Over time, several of these artists became well-established and were able to live on their art. They came to play an important role, not only for Boden, but for the entire art life of Norrbotten. the northernmost county in Sweden. In addition to Linné fellow members were Sven Bohman, Jean Carlbrand, Gösta Hedström, Ingvar Jigrud, June Montana Lorentz, Jan Olof Marner, Gösta Näsvall, Hjalmar Rönnbäck, Stig Sandberg, John Thorgren, Rune Wanler, Stig Winnerskog and Bror Zackrisson.

Linné is represented in the public collections of several Swedish county councils and the Norrbotten Museum. He appeared in a minor role in Jan Troell's film Here You Have Your Life from 1966.

Linné passed away in 2000.