'Abstract Composition' by Alf Hjalmarsson
'Abstract Composition' by Alf Hjalmarsson
'Abstract Composition' by Alf Hjalmarsson
'Abstract Composition' by Alf Hjalmarsson

'Abstract Composition' by Alf Hjalmarsson

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artist: Alf Hjalmarsson (Swedish 1911-1983)

medium: oil on canvas

dimensions: 78 x 72 cm canvas / 80 x 74 cm framed size
signed and dated 62
presented in a new hand painted white timber frame

AU $840 (approx US $610 / 515 EUROS / 64,000 yen / 460 GBP - for exact current conversion visit xe.com)

artist biography
Alf Hjalmarsson was a Swedish painter and scultptor born in 1911.

Upon leaving school Hjalmarsson harboured a strong desire to become a painter and began studying painting in 1938 at the Valand School of Art with Nils Nilsson as his teacher. He took study trips to Denmark and France. In 1941 in the city of FiskebäckskilIn he came across the work of Swedish painter Carl Wilhelmson (1866-1928) who was to be a major inspiration for Hjalmarsson.

He worked quietly over the years but was known as somewhat of a recluse and artistic outsider. He work was described called romantic, surreal, concretist and naïvest. From the 1950s his work beecame more and more abstract. During his lifetime, he exhibited in group exhibitions including a shows at Uddevalla in 1949, Gallery Avenue in Gothenburg in 1949 and 1950, the Konsthall in Örebro and Kalmar Art Museum in 1952, 1953 at Gavle Museums, Lorensbergs art salon in Gothenburg, and in 1953 had a solo exhibition at Gallery Avenue in Gothenburg. Alf Hjalmarsson was a member of the Artist Association Gallery 54.

Hjalmarsson lived in Gothenburg for over 40 years but moved in the early 1970s back to Kristineberg in Fiskebäckskil. He passed away in 1983 and left a large number of paintings. Many of these were exhibited posthumously and sold at exhibitions at Gallery Commercial Art in Uddevalla in 1978 and 1987, and at Gallery 54 in Gothenburg 1987.