'Beach Scene' by Ingvar Wiede
'Beach Scene' by Ingvar Wiede
'Beach Scene' by Ingvar Wiede
'Beach Scene' by Ingvar Wiede
'Beach Scene' by Ingvar Wiede

'Beach Scene' by Ingvar Wiede

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artist: Ingvar Wiede (Swedish 1921-1987)

medium: oil on canvas laid on board 

dimensions: 57 1/2 x 39 cm framed size (approx)
circa 1950s/60s
presented in its original repainted/restored inner liner frame with new stained hand finished outer timber frame

AU $690 (approx US $470 / 465 EUROS / 65,000 yen / 395 GBP - for exact current conversion visit xe.com)

artist biography
Sven Ingvar Wiede was born 23 December, 1921 in Alingsås. He was a Swedish painter.

He was born into an artistic family - his mother was the artist Naëmi Wiede. He studied in Gothenburg at the Slöjdföreningens skola under Nils Wedel from 1943-44 followed by two years at Valands målarskola under Nils Nilsson in 1944 and 1945. He made study trips to Germany, Holland, Belgium and France in 1950, Spain and Italy in 1962 and Mallorca in 1963. In 1952–54 he received a B. H. Ever scholarship from the Konstakademien (Academy of Fine Arts).

Wiede had solo exhibitions in Alingsås 1947 (together with F. Johansson), 1949, 1955 (with Jürgen von Konow) and 1965, in Gothenburg at Olsen's konstsalong, 1949 (with H. Ragnartz) and Lorensberg's konstsalong 1961 (with JG Lundberg) and 1963, in Borås 1953 (with GA Johansson), Uddevalla 1958 (with Greta Johansson), Lerum 1960, Skövde 1961 and (with Gita Porak-Varna) 1962, Galerie St Nikolaus in Stockholm 1961, Örebro 1962, Kalmar 1963 , Falun 1964 (with his mother Naëmi Wiede) and Limhamn 1965. He participated in many group shows at some of the Gothenburg Art Association's December exhibitions in the Konsthallen in Gothenburg and Borås and Sjuhäradsbygdens konstförening's autumn salons in Borås in 1950, 1952 and 1954. He was a member of the Konstnärernas riksorganisation (Artists National Organisation) and J. T. A. Gothenburg Konstnärsklubb (Arts Club).

Arts writer B. Eklundh wrote of Wiede in 12th May, 1960 edition of Göteborgs-Tidningen: ‘Wiede is the intimate mood painter, the foresighted observer, who is quietly accounts of his natural impressions in an airy colour palette, playing over a blonde colour to a pleasantly subdued midrange. From his mother, the portrait painter Naëmi Wiede, he is interested in the art of portraiture, a genre he has developed towards a relatively rigid, psychological realism in a more angular, expressive way than his mood painting, sometimes with a contour sharpness quite unusual for Wiede… His landscapes and portraits are often transparent visions, images of deep stillness and wonderful colour. Wiede also has a characteristic and average line, but he usually uses it sparingly. Above all, he is the colour mystic”.

He passed away on 16 December 1987 in Skallsjö.