'Composition 4-4-70' by Lennart Kärrabo
'Composition 4-4-70' by Lennart Kärrabo
'Composition 4-4-70' by Lennart Kärrabo
'Composition 4-4-70' by Lennart Kärrabo
'Composition 4-4-70' by Lennart Kärrabo
'Composition 4-4-70' by Lennart Kärrabo

'Composition 4-4-70' by Lennart Kärrabo

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artist:  Lennart Kärrabo (Swedish 1927-2007)

medium: acrylic on canvas

dimensions: 40 x 33 cm canvas size / 41 x 34 cm framed
signed and dated 70 on verso

presented in its original frame
* there is some very minor markings on the canvas (see photos) - these do no detract from the work

AU $1290 (approx US $845 / 785 EUROS / 118,500 yen / 685 GBP - for exact current conversion visit xe.com)

artist bio
Lennart Kärrabo born in Kalmar County, Sweden was a painter, printmaker and sculptor born in 1927.

Kärrabo was a constructivist. His sculptures were described as “made up of geometric shapes, some very sharp; they could be like crystals from any monumental rock. They are completely transparent like the air, but they also have optical and romantic effects, i.e. all the colours of the spectrum can be refracted in them, depending on their location in relation to the light sources. These sculptures represent nothing - they just are." This sharp geometric quality can be applied to his colourful paintings and there is a focused shared vision through his sculpture and painted works. Examples of his hard edge abstract work are seen from as early as the 1960s and he remained consistent in his approach over his career which continued until the early 2000s.

Kärrabo exhibited at various galleries in Sweden including Galleri Æ at Molinsgatan 11 in Gothenburg alongside other Swedish abstract artists including Roj Friberg, Folke Lind, Gunnar Thorén, Gösta Sillén, Barbro Bäckström, Lars Hillersberg, Lena Svedberg, Ulf Rahmberg, Ulf Wahlberg, Carl Magnus, Anders Fogelin, and Arne Jones.

He exhibited also outside of Sweden including a show in in Antibes, France in 1971.

There are a number of his sculptures as public art including some in Borås municipality.

Lennart Kärrabo passed away in 2007.