'Forest' by Martin Emond - ON SALE
'Forest' by Martin Emond - ON SALE
'Forest' by Martin Emond - ON SALE
'Forest' by Martin Emond - ON SALE
'Forest' by Martin Emond - ON SALE
'Forest' by Martin Emond - ON SALE
'Forest' by Martin Emond - ON SALE

'Forest' by Martin Emond - ON SALE

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artist: Martin Emond (Swedish 1895–1965)

medium: oil on board

dimensions:  89 x 60 cm art size / 103 x 73 cm frame size (approx) 
circa 1940s/50s
presented in its original frame with patina consistent with age

* last image - published work by Emond in a Swedish art publication, circa 1953

** NOTE - this is a large painting and too big to ship via Airmail post. If you are outside of Australia extra shipping will need to be added (we estimate the total shipping would be around AU$300)

ON SALE! $880
AU $1430 (approx US $1070 / 920 EUROS / 122,000 yen / 775 GBP - for exact current conversion visit xe.com)

artist biography
Martin Vilhelm Jönsson Emond was born October 21, 1895 in Tågarp , Sireköpinge. He was a Swedish painter.

Martin Emond was the son of the binder Lars Jönsson and Johanna Johnsdotter. He trained as a drawing teacher at the Högre konstindustriella skolan (Higher School of Art and Design) in Stockholm and then attended the Kungliga Konsthögskolan (Royal Academy of Fine Arts) studying under a number fro teachers including painter Olle Hjortzberg (1872-1959). During the 1920s he made many study trips, but unlike most young Swedish artists at this time, he didn’t travel to France, but instead spent time in Germany and Austria. He was influenced by early German Expressionism and Oskar Kokoschka.

During his career beginning with his debut solo show in 1922 Emond extensively both in solo and group exhibitions. He was best known and most prolific painters of the Scanian landscape. Scania, also known by its native name of Skåne, is the southernmost of the historical provinces of Sweden. Journalist, writer and cultural historian Gustaf Näsström wrote of Emond’s work:

‘We have never seen his Scania in another, earlier art. It is a province, which has been observed and interpreted by a distinct personal temperament with a clear eye for the topographical uniqueness of the countryside but at the same time with an imaginative re-imagining of the provincial reality.’

Examples of his work are held in numerous public collections including Malmö Art Museum, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Kalmar Art Museum, Norrköping Art Museum and the Gothenburg Art Museum. He also decorated the popular upper foyer for the inauguration of Malmö City Theatre (current Malmö Opera). He designed stained glass in Brågarp's Church and in St. Mary's Church in Helsingborg He also illustrated Gabriel Jönsson's collection of poems ‘Himmel och blandsäd’.

He passed away at the age of 69 o April 28, 1965 in Landskrona.