'From Italy' by Bengt Ossler
'From Italy' by Bengt Ossler
'From Italy' by Bengt Ossler

'From Italy' by Bengt Ossler

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artist: Bengt Ossler (Swedish 1932-1998)

dimensions:  88 x 37 1/2 cm art size / 90 x 39 1/2 cm framed size (approx)

medium: oil on canvas laid on panel
circa 1950s/60s

presented in a new hand finished timber frame

* August 25 - currently being photographed - more photos shortly

AU $1070 (approx US $450 / 375 EUROS / 49,000 yen / 325 GBP - for exact current conversion visit xe.com)

artist biography
Bengt Ossler was a Swedish painter and print maker born in Malmö in 1932.

Ossler grew up in an artistic family - his father was the ceramicist Nils Ossler (1900-1979). He was self taught artist and took study trips to abroad: to Paris in 1949, Spain, Italy in 1952, again to France and Spain in 1955 and Italy again in 1957 and 1958 and then in 1960, the same year he was awarded Ellen Trotzig Scholarship, he settled in Italy for a number of years.

His debut exhibition was in 1954 at the Galerie Modern in Stockholm. He exhibited alongside Björn Malmeström at Galerie Æsthetica in 1956 and exhibited at the Malmö Museum in 1959. Other select exhibitions include: multiple times from the mid-1950s Ossler exhibited in Skåne Art Association's autumn salons in Malmö and Helsingborg Art Association's spring salon exhibitions, at Kulla Art in Höganäs 1950 and 1951, and Sju skåningar at the Gothenburg Art Gallery in 1959.

He was awarded a scholarship by the Skåne Art Association in 1955. painted still life and landscape paintings with an abstract bent in oil and chalk and also produced woodcut prints. Ossler is represented in a number of public collections in Sweden including the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, the Malmö Museum and the Helsingborg Museum.

Ossler died in 1998 in Helsingborg, aged 66.