'Green Landscape' by Evert Färhm

'Green Landscape' by Evert Färhm

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artist: Evert Färhm (Swedish 1901-1971)

medium: oil on panel

dimensions:  43 x 26 cm framed size (approx)
circa 1950s/60s
presented in its original inner cloth frame with freshly restored and repainted outer frame (more photos to follow shortly)

AU $615 (approx US $410 / 395 EUROS / 57,000 yen / 350 GBP - for exact current value visit xe.com)

artist biography
Evert Färhm was a Swedish artist born in Onslunda on 10th June, 1901.

He studied at a number of educational institutions including Ystad Tekniska skola from 1915 to 1919, followed by the Landskrona tekniska yrkesskola 1919 to 1920.  He studied art at Althins målarskola in Stockholm between 1921 and 1923 and then from 1924 to 1928 at the Konsthögskolan and during study trips to France. He was awarded the Duke Medal in 1927. Färhm exhibited in the Fyra målares (Four Painters) exhibitions, and beginning in 1932 with the Skåne's Art Association exhibitions and from 1938 in the Helsingborg Art Association's exhibitions.

Best know for his idyllic depictions of the Skåne landscapes in oil he also painted still lifes, city scenes and portraits. Examples of Färhm’s work are held in public collections in Sweden including the National Museum in Stockholm, Helsingborg Museum and the Landskrona Museum, and Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde.

Färhm passed away in 1971 aged 70.