'Gull' by Nils Björkqvist

'Gull' by Nils Björkqvist

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artist: Nils Björkqvist (Swedish 1900-1991)

medium: oil on canvas

dimensions: 75 x 56 cm canvas size / 95 x 76 cm framed size (approx)
signed and dated 1946

presented in a its original frame

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artist biography
Nils Erik Walfrid Björkqvist was born April 10, 1900 in Gothenburg. He was a Swedish artist .

He was the son of painter and photographer Johan Björkqvist. Like his father as an artist, Björkqvist was self- taught. 

Best know for his oil paintings with animal motifs with foxes, hares and various forest birds.

Björkqvist passed away at the age of 91 on May 9, 1991 in Bergum.