'Interiör I' by Tage Björk

'Interiör I' by Tage Björk

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artist: Tage Björk (Swedish 1909-1980)

medium: mixed media on panel 

dimensions: 60 x 41 cm panel size / 62 x 43 cm frame size
circa 1950s.60s
presented in its original artist made frame

AU $1050 (approx US $730 / 655 EUROS / 80,000 yen / 560 GBP - for exact current conversion visit xe.com)

artist bio
Tage Björk was a Swedish painter and print maker born in Jämtland County on 13th October 1909.

Björk studied at the Tekniska Skolan in Stockholm, and also travelled on painting study trips to England, France and other locations in Europe.
He painted using a number of mediums but was focused on oil paints and in an abstract concrete style and stylised portrait and landscapes.

He exhibited widely around Sweden including in Stockholm with the ‘Svensk-Franska; and ‘Färg a Form’ (Colour and Form) shows, at the National Museum in Stockholm with the HSB exhibition and other exhibitions in Östersund, Göteborg, Gävle and Landskrona.

Björk lived and worked in Stockholm most of his life and passed away in 1980 aged 71.