'Lapland' by Stig Wernheden
'Lapland' by Stig Wernheden

'Lapland' by Stig Wernheden

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artist: Stig Wernheden (Swedish 1921-1997)

medium: oil on canvas

dimensions:  50 x 35 cm canvas size
circa 1960s
presented in its original frame 

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artist biography
Stig Wernheden was born on September 5, 1921 in Limhamn, Malmö. He was a Swedish painter and graphic artist.

Wernheden studied painting for Arwid Karlson and Helge Nielsen at the Essem-skolan in Malmö 1948–1953 and conducted self-study while traveling to France, Yugoslavia, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

Best known for his still life, figures, landscapes and abstracts. He worked in oil, watercolour and wood and linoleum cuts. His work became increasingly abstract towards the end of the 1950s. Select exhibitions Wernheden had include solo exhibitions at Krognoshuset in Lund, Limhamn and at the Teaterhotellets gallery in Malmö, two artists shows with Olle Hallén at the Sturegalleriet in Stockholm, and alongside Per Lindblad in Köping. He participated in many group exhibitions, including the Skåne Art Association in Malmö and Lund, the Swedish Public Art Association and the Stockholm salon at Liljevalchs konsthal.

He was represented at the graphics triennial in Grenchen in 1961. Wernheden is represented at public collections in Sweden including the Moderna Museet, Malmö museum , Snus- och Tändsticksmuseum,Ystad Art Museum and Malmö City Hall.

Wernheden passed away died 1997 in Limhamn, aged 78.