'Marine Still Life' by Ragnar Ring

'Marine Still Life' by Ragnar Ring

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artist: Ragnar Ring (Swedish 1908-1999)

medium: oil on panel

dimensions: 27 x 17 cm panel size / 31 x 21 cm framed size (approx)
signed and dated 68
presented in its original restored frame

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artist biography
Georg Sigurd Ragnar Ring was born on June 13, 1908 in Slättåkra, Halland County. He was a Swedish artist.

Ring studied art in Halmstad and Stockholm, and undertook private studies with Swedish artist Waldemar Lorentzon in 1939 and 1940. During this time he took study trips around Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

He exhibited widely during his career. Select group shows include ones at Halländska höstsalongen, Rådhushallen Halmstad, Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Gallery F 15 Moss, Norway, Annuale Italiana D'Arte Grafica, Ancona, Italy in1968, Biennale delle Regioni Ancona, Italy in 1969, Premi Internacional Dibuix JOAN MIRO, Barcelona, ​​Spain in 1970, Galerie Vallombreuse iinBiarritz in 1970, Galerie Mouffe, Paris in1971. Galleria D'Arte Il Semeaforo in Florence, 1971, and around Sweden in exhibitions hosted by Sveriges fria konstnärsförbund (Sweden's Artists' Federation). Ring had solo exhibitions at galleries in Sweden in Stockholm, Tylöhus, Laholm, Falkenberg, Rydaholm and Markaryd, and in New York in 1971 at Galerie Internationale on Madison Avenue.

Ring’s work has a distinct cubist influence and he painted still life, portraits and surrealist compositions primarily in oil. In addition to his fine art he produced advertising drawings and illustrations for ‘Hallandsposten’ (Halland's largest and oldest newspaper).

He passed away on June 13, 1999 in Oskarström at the age of 91.