'Moored Boat' by Sigfrid Bengtsson
'Moored Boat' by Sigfrid Bengtsson
'Moored Boat' by Sigfrid Bengtsson

'Moored Boat' by Sigfrid Bengtsson

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artist: Sigfrid Bengtsson (1898-1985)

dimensions:  51 x 42 cm art size / 53 x 44 cm framed size (approx)

medium: oil on panel
signed and dated 1946

presented in a new hand painted bone white timber frame

AU $395 (approx US $275 / 240 EUROS / 29,500 yen / 220 GBP - for exact current conversion visit xe.com)

artist biography
Per Sigfrid Bengtsson was a Swedish artist and illustrator born in 1898 in Nevishög, Skåne.

Bengtsson studied at Berggren's and Larsson's painting school in Stockholm in 1929 and at the Skåne painting school in Malmö in 1931. He had solo exhibitions at the SDS-hallen in Malmö. Starting in 1936, he has participated in group exhibitions with the Skåne Art Association and in the Statens konstråd's exhibition in 1939, ‘De ungas salong ‘in Stockholm in 1941 and with Konstnärsgillet in Lund. He was involved in the formation of the artist group Blandningen in 1938 and participated in the group's exhibitions. His art consists of varied landscapes with figures and animals (best known for his paintings of cows) in oil. Bengtsson also worked with woodcuts and drawings.

He is represented in public collections including the Malmö Museum and Ystad Art Museum. Bengtsson passed away in 1985.