'Night Light Still Life' by Carl-Göran Hagberg
'Night Light Still Life' by Carl-Göran Hagberg
'Night Light Still Life' by Carl-Göran Hagberg
'Night Light Still Life' by Carl-Göran Hagberg
'Night Light Still Life' by Carl-Göran Hagberg

'Night Light Still Life' by Carl-Göran Hagberg

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artist: Carl-Göran Hagberg (Swedish 1922-2001)

medium: oil on panel

dimensions: 51 x 28 cm panel size / 62 x 39 cm framed size (approx)
circa 1950s
presented in its original frame

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artist biography
Carl-Göran Hagberg, born 20 May 1922 in Stockholm, was a Swedish painter and illustrator.

Hagberg studied at the Slöjdföreningens skola in Gothenburg from 1940 to 1942 and at the Konstakademiens etsningsskola (Academy of Fine Arts' etching school) in Stockholm from 1945 to 1947, as well as during study trips to England and France.

Hagbereg exhibited in a two man show with Sune Alehammar, where he exhibited with graphics and drawings in the SDS-hall in Malmö in 1948. He participated in the National Museum in Stockholm exhibition ‘Unga tecknare’ (Young Artists), the Sveriges allmänna konstförening (Swedish General Art Association) exhibition at Liljevalch's Art Gallery, an exhibition at the Gothenburg Art Gallery, and in numerous exhibitions with Dalsland's art association beginning in 1953. He participated in group exhibitions around Europe including ones in Uppsala, Åmål, Vänersborg, Uddevalla, Denmark, Finland and Holland. He had solo exhibitions at the Vänersborgs Museum, Lorensbergs Art Salon in Gothenburg and at galleries in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Lund, Malmö, Åmål, Vänersborg, Trollhättan and Lidköping

Among his public art pieces are ones at Trollhättans Folkets hus, Saab's office in Gothenburg, Huvudnässkolan and gymnasieskolan in Vänersborg, Sparbanken in Mellerud and Dalslands sjukhus. He was awarded the San Michele scholarship in 1960, the Dalsland Art Association's artist scholarship in 1963 and 1985, and Älvsborg County Council's cultural scholarship in 1974.

His art consists of etchings, drawings and painting with motifs including portraits, interiors and landscapes from Scania, Halland, Öland and France.

Examples of Hagberg’s work at held in many public collections including the Swedish Arts Council, Gothenburg Art Museum, Institut Tessinin Paris, Vänersborg Museum, Lidköping Municipality, Vänersborg Municipality and Trollhättan Municipality and an etching at the National Museum in Stockholm.

Hagberg passed away on 17 January 2001 at the age of 78 in Vänersborg.