'River Landscape' by Edvin Bodin
'River Landscape' by Edvin Bodin
'River Landscape' by Edvin Bodin
'River Landscape' by Edvin Bodin
'River Landscape' by Edvin Bodin

'River Landscape' by Edvin Bodin

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artist: Edvin Bodin (Swedish 1898-1965)

medium: oil on panel

dimensions:  43 x 40 cm
signed and dated 60
presented in its original hand made frame (being handmade the frame does not sit 100% flat - we are able to replace the frame with a new hand finished timber frame at a small cost - please inquire).

AU $685 (approx US$510 / 420 EUROS / 53,000 yen / 380 GBP - for exact current value visit xe.com)

artist biography
Edvin Leander Bodin was born April 30, 1898 in Ore parish, Kopparberg county. He was a Swedish artist.

Bodin grew up on a farm and worked in the Summers logging and in the Winter in the forest. In his teenage years he took courses at Hermods by correspondence in drawing and painting. In 1918 he studied for a year at Althins målarskola (Althin's painting school). He was then accepted at the Konsthögskolan (Academy of Fine Arts) in Stockholm where he studied between 1921 and 1926 under Wilhelm Schmidt and Albert Engström. He took study trips to Italy, Iceland and Norway.

Bodin’s debut exhibition was in 1937 in Stockholm and was was hailed in the national press as “innovator; a firm and hearty temperament; great fate-saturated nature; Edvin Bodin paints scenes with wide brushes; powerful and rustic”. Bodin had solo exhibitions in Stockholm, Falun and Gävle. He had a two person show with Arvid Knöppel in Gothenburg in 1943. He participated in group exhibitions with the Sveriges allmänna konstförening (Swedish General Art Association) and the Svenska konstnärernas förening (Swedish Artists' Association). His work consists of landscape paintings from Härjedalen with a powerful naturalism and with motifs taken from Gotland, Fårö and Ore.

Bodin is represented at the National Museum in Stockholm, Gävle Museum, Sandvikens Museum, Hudiksvall Museum, Östersund Museum, Rättvik Municipality, Ore Parish and in Stora Kopparbergs Bergslag's collections in Falun.

Bodin and his his family lived in Stockholm and he passed away there in 1965.