'Stenbocksvallar, Sweden' by Anders A. Jönsson
'Stenbocksvallar, Sweden' by Anders A. Jönsson
'Stenbocksvallar, Sweden' by Anders A. Jönsson
'Stenbocksvallar, Sweden' by Anders A. Jönsson

'Stenbocksvallar, Sweden' by Anders A. Jönsson

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artist: Anders A. Jönsson (Swedish 1907-2002)

medium: oil on canvas

dimensions: 46 x 37 1/2 cm canvas size / 48 x 39 1/2 cm frame size (approx)
circa 1950s/60s
presented in a new off white painted timber frame

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artist biography
Anders Anton Jönsson was born on July 9, 1907 in Hyby, Malmö. He was a Swedish painter and print maker.

After finishing school Jönsson worked as a house painter for 10 years. In 1934 he started studying art at the Skånska målarskolan (Skåne Painting School) in Malmö. After finishing his study and took private study trips to France and Spain.

He made his debut in the artist group Blandningen's exhibition in Malmö in 1938. As one of 20 other Skåne painters, he exhibited in New York in 1939. He participated in group exhibitions with the Skåne Art Association, the Sveriges allmänna konstförening (Swedish General Art Association), Helsingborg Art Association and Landskrona Art Association.

He had solo exhibitions at numerous locations including ones at the SDS-hallen, Malmö City Hall, Malmö Museum and Krognoshuset in Lund.
Jönsson worked in oil, pastel and watercolours and painted still lifes, figurative works, portraits , landscapes and seascapes. As a print maker he produced lithographs.

Jönsson is represented at Malmö Museum, Malmö Municipality, Landskrona Municipality and Älvsborg and Malmöhus County Councils.

He passed away at the age of 95 on November 21, 2002 in Malmö.