'Storm på västkusten' (Storm on the West Coast) by Åke Andersson
'Storm på västkusten' (Storm on the West Coast) by Åke Andersson
'Storm på västkusten' (Storm on the West Coast) by Åke Andersson

'Storm på västkusten' (Storm on the West Coast) by Åke Andersson

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artist: Åke Andersson (Swedish 1922-1988)

medium: mixed media on paper

dimensions:  43 x 21 cm image / larger in frame
signed and dated 1952
presented in its original frame with patina consistent with age

AU $615 (approx US $450 / 385 EUROS / 50,000 yen / 325 GBP - for exact current conversion visit xe.com)

artist biography
Åke Wilhelm Andersson was a Swedish artist born on April 2, 1922 in Strängnäs.

Andersson studied under Isaac Grünewald from 1942 to 1946. He undertook extended study trips to Hamburg, Paris and Barcelona. He returned to Sweden initially moving to Stockholm but then returned to countryside of Södermanland, an hour’s drive from Stockholm. In the area of ​​Dunker he and his wife Inga bought an old 18th-century mill and a dwelling house where the Andersson’s had a summer studio, home and a winter studio. The mill became a gathering place for among artists, writers and musicians. These included Lars Olof Loeld, Alvar Jansson, Gösta and Nalle Werner, Gunnar Brusewitz, Kaj Piehl, Bo Larsson, Gustav Rudberg, Göran Nilsson, Ivar Lo-Johansson, Stig Dagerman, Evert Taube, Erik Lindegren, Vilhelm Moberg, Lars Forsell, Bo Setterlind, Lennart Hellsing, Aksel Sandemose and musician Per Henrik Wallin.

Andersson exhibited extensively including solo exhibitions in Stokholm at Galerie Modern in 1950, Galerie Pierre in 1960, the Eskilstuna Meseum, exhibitions in Strängnäs and Umeå, and in Munich at the Künstlerhaus in 1963. And participated in numerous group shows around Sweden including at Galerie Bleue, Stockholm in 1965.

His paintings can be described as impressionist - expressionist, but he preferred to be called - a free artist. His quest there and to find their own expressions. The motifs around the mill, the surrounding nature, its lakes and rivers inspired him to a large number of paintings. 

Examples of his work are held at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Malmö Museum, Eskilstuna Museum. Stockholm City Arts Council. Sörmlands Museum and the Swedish Embassy in Cairo. 

Andersson passed suddenly in Altea, Spain in 1988 while travelling with fellow artist and life long friend Kai Piehl. He was 66.