'Terraces' by Gunnar Janser
'Terraces' by Gunnar Janser

'Terraces' by Gunnar Janser

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artist: Gunnar Janser (Swedish 1910-1989)

dimensions: 54.5 x 48 cm (approx)

medium: oil on canvas
signed and dated 62
presented in its original frame

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artist biography
Gunnar Knut Fredrik Janser was born on April 17, 1910 in Malmö. He was Swedish painter.

Janser was self taught as an artist and took trips to Europe to study painting visiting France, Italy and Spain. His debut solo exhibition was at Galerie Acté in Stockholm in 1948. Select exhibitions include ones the SDS centre in Malmö and Nystedt's art salon in Linköping,  Konstfrämjandet's travelling exhibition ‘Vårpaletten’ in 1951, and exhibitions at the Östgöta konstförening and group shows at Gummesons konsthall in Stockholm.

He painted landscapes, still life and figurative works in oil, pastel and bold chalk of a constructivist, abstract nature. He created some assemblage works in the 1960s. He was a member of the Konstnärernas Riksorganisation (Artists' National Organization).

Janser passed away in 1989 in Ystad.