'Untitled' (Abstract Sculpture) by Olof Sahlin
'Untitled' (Abstract Sculpture) by Olof Sahlin
'Untitled' (Abstract Sculpture) by Olof Sahlin

'Untitled' (Abstract Sculpture) by Olof Sahlin

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artist: Olof Sahlin (Swedish 1912-1990)

medium: welded metal on timber base

dimensions: 32 1/2 cm high
signed and dated 60 on base

AU $675 (approx US $475 / 425 EUROS / 51,500 yen / 360 GBP - for exact current conversion visit xe.com)

artist bio
Oscar Olof Gerhard Sahlin was born on March 15, 1912 in Helsingborg. He was a Swedish sculptor and illustrator.

Sahlin was the son of filmmaker Nils Johan Alfred Sahlin and Anna Eklöf. Sahlin was predominantly self taught as an artist. He had a number of solo exhibition over the years including ones at Aller's Konstklubb (Art Group), Tretorn's Konstlubb and in Norra Skåne’s Lonstexpo newspaper. He participated in joint exhibitions organised by the Helsingborg Art Association.

His art output was mainly sculptures with motifs derived from everyday objects used in plaster, wood or metal, as well as figures, still life executed in oil or mortar.

Examples of Sahlin's work are represented at the Helsingborg Museum.

Sahlin passed away on June 5, 1990 at age 78.