'Väg' (Road) by Arne Malmborg
'Väg' (Road) by Arne Malmborg

'Väg' (Road) by Arne Malmborg

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artist: Arne Malmborg (Swedish 1924-1990)

medium: oil on canvas

dimensions: 35 x 51cm
dated 1948 on verso
presented in its original frame

AU $780 (approx US $600 / 500 EUROS / 63,500 yen / 435 GBP - for exact current conversion visit xe.com)

artist biography
Arne Malmborg was a Swedish painter, illustrator and graphic artist born in 1924 in Gothenburg.

He studied at the Slöjdföreningens school from 1941-1943 and under artist Nils Nilsson at Valands School of Painting in Gothenburg from 1943-45. Malmborg’s work had an organic geometric shape and style with nice variations in light and tone.

Examples of Malmborg's work can be found in public collections in Västerås City and Lidköping Art Society Collections.

He passed away in 1990 aged 66.